Alongside catering professionals, Finger Food and Aperitifs by vocation

The Well Done Chef srl, was born with the aim of providing support to the world of professional catering, Hotel industry, Catering e Fine Banqueting, with a gastronomic production line, in the image of Sicily and Made in Italy, in version Finger Food o Mignon.

The gastronomic culture in ITALY, in SICILY in particular, it is linked to local cuisines, it involves a series of small things to eat in one bite, where the diner, the customer, can capture gastronomic emotions. It is appropriate that each food, Finger Food or table, Appetizers, guarantee, once taken from the tray and flat, the opportunity to become a morsel for the five senses.

The Well Done Chef, he puts an extra secret ingredient in each of his gastronomic creations: Passion. Passion, of those who built it and those who work there every day, to guarantee the artisanal quality of the past, making tradition and innovation, excellence capable of making the difference in the offering of our Finger Foods, among which Gourmet reinterpretations of the typical Arancini in miniature versions stand out, artisan baked pastries and other culinary delicacies in miniature versions.

Our customer portfolio, includes important names in the Ho.Re.Ca. channel., as well as numerous small professional catering operators. Every day there Well Done Chef by its brands Pizzuta ProChef ed Urban aperitif, it's more and more, a point of reference for professional catering and catering operators Appetizers of level, especially for lovers of Sicilian gastronomy, in Italy and abroad.

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With the brand Pizzuta ProChef, we offer balanced, quality products and foods, which, be eaten with your hands (Finger Food and Aperitifs), or with a knife and fork (Restaurants), they are designed based on the principles of a healthy and balanced diet, and therefore, clear expression of a balanced taste. It is a gastronomic-food offer that can be served in any restaurant formula, from the provincial bar, at the American bar in the city center, at the top restaurant, to the sea terrace of a kiosk, but always in compliance with health and hygiene standards, and must be presented in an "attractive" style: that is, it must make you want to eat it.

Sicily seen from above enhances its shapes and its peaks, basis of inspiration for the Well Done Chef srl, for the gastronomic production project of Finger Food serving professional catering, named “Pizzuta ProChef“; the lace and tips that go from Messina and the Aeolian Islands, in Marsala and Trapani with the Egadi islands, up to Marzamemi and the island of CapoPassero. Etna rises above the sea, the highest of its mountain peaks, which inspires the pointed shape of the typical Sicilian Arancini, and that together with the vast food and wine scene of Sicily,  we have the honor with Pizzuta ProChef to be able to offer the tastes and flavors directly between your fingers, elevating Finger Food to an ambassador of the good flavors and tastes of our land.

The examples of finger food and quality catering that we aim to provide and spread among the operators of Catering e Fine Banqueting generally, Chef, domestic and family use, they are based on the Italian tradition of healthy eating, with particular reference to the typical food and wine products and haute cuisine of SICILY. The ingredients used for production, cooked or raw, a minimum of three, they can be harmoniously combined by analogy or contrast and are finally tasted with a "Mise en bouche". Vol-au-vents of innovative shapes and delicious compositions, puff pastry morsels, Brisè, Shortcrust pastry, flavored and spicy, original Mise En Bouche portion rice balls and much more, they are an example of the range of products we can provide you for your Events, Gala dinners, Business Reunion, Family anniversaries, Other.